A job offer. Guaranteed. Or your money back. Introducing “Signature”.

For the first time in the history of the jobs industry: a service that guarantees you’ll get a job offer…

I’ll be on CNBC in a little bit announcing the launch of Signature, our new product to help you get through the job search faster, more easily, with less stress and a lot more efficiency.

When you follow our Signature program, you’ll have a job offer within six months. Guaranteed. Or your money back. Tune in to CNBC at 10 a.m. to see me live on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange making the announcement!

I’ve been dreaming of this product for ten years, and when I started TheLadders eight years ago this summer, my hope was that someday, with enough research and effort, with enough insight and hard, hard work, we’d be able to create a product like Signature.

In those eight years, I’ve written this weekly newsletter to you every Monday (408 weeks and counting!) and I’ve read over 420,000 emails from subscribers like you.

I know the pain, the frustration, and the despair that the modern job hunt can cause. Heck, I’ve even written a long blog series on “History of Job Search” in order to understand it better, I’ve commiserated with you when “You Had A Bad Day“, I’ve shared my own experiences with “Man, I Blew That Interview“, and I co-wrote an Amazon Top 50 Best-selling book on the topic “You’re Better Than Your Job Search“.

And what I’ve wanted, what all my dedicated colleagues here at TheLadders have wanted, what you, our 4,600,000 subscribers have wanted, is a way to conquer the uncertainties of the job hunt. A way to put your mind at ease. A means to putting aside the worries and the anxieties and the fears. A way to defeat doubt.

And now we have.

Here’s how it works.

When you sign up for Signature, you are assigned a dedicated Career Advisor. The Signature program is a two-way partnership in which you’ll be working closely with your Career Advisor over the phone and over the internet to land your job offer. You’ll be speaking with her or him weekly for the first couple months and then every other week after that.

Together with your Career Advisor, you’ll establish your (realistic) job goals, have your resume re-written by a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), create your elevator pitch, and establish good practices and habits in job applications, networking and interviewing.

But the most important thing we need from you is your commitment. Your commitment to finding a new job, your commitment to make your regularly scheduled calls with your Career Advisor, and your commitment to putting in the minimum four hours per week that you need to be successful.

With your commitment, and our Signature Program, you’ll get a job offer within six months. Guaranteed. Or your money back.

We’ve been testing this product for over a year. We’ve put hundreds of professionals like you through the pilot. More than a hundred people have already completed the curent edition of the six-month program with a success rate of more than 90%.

Signature works for both employed and unemployed people. 3/4 of the professionals who went through the pilot were employed full-time, so we understand the challenges of looking for work while you’re working. We don’t believe in busy work, and we’ll keep you focused on doing just the most important things to make you successful.

It’s important to note that we’re not able to help with any and every type of life change. Signature is appropriate for people looking to make a change with a progressive increase, or lateral move, in salary, title, compensation or position. So managers looking to become Sr. Managers, Directors looking to become VPs, or VPs looking to stay VPs or even downshift a little bit: this product is for you.

If you’re looking to retire from your current field or start over in a new one, Signature is not the right solution for you. So if you’ve been a corporate attorney for a decade and want to try your hand at film-making, or you’ve been in pharma sales and are interested in moving into research, or you’re looking to check-out of the rat race altogether and become a cowboy on a dude ranch or a burger flipper in Maui, Signature is not right for you. The good news is we’ll tell you that right up front and won’t take your dough.

So tune in to CNBC at 10 a.m. this morning to see me from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, check out our new product at TheLadders.com/signature, and thank you for your support, your e-mails, and your beautiful ambitions all these years! You are the inspiration for all we do!

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  1. OneOfTheLittlePeople says:

    Once again, just like The Ladders, a product to help those who already have money, make more money.  Nothing to help the people who REALLY need help finding a job.   Your multi thousands of dollars fee up front is UNTHINKABLE and UNATTAINABLE for the vast majority of unemployed people who truly NEED work to pay their bills because they are unemployed through no fault of their own.

  2. Leep814 says:

    Very good points. I know Marc is a thoughtful reader and cares about people's life situations. I look forward to more response to this issue, from him.

  3. Leep814 says:

    Natatton, please don't quit your job first. Why don't you get some peer-contacts in your life-sciences field, and some HR contacts, through LinkedIn? It is very much a professional-flavor networking site, and you can establish much credibility through answering questions (see their “Answers” section) and paying it forward, i.e., giving referrals and other help to people, with no expectation of anything in return. Benefits will probably come, but in their own time and way.

  4. AB says:

    Marc -

    I do not know if you remember, but I (AB) exchanged comments with you @ a week ago.  I was very impressed with you and signed up for the program, even to the extent that I paid the $2500 largely on faith based upon your responses to my comments.  However, my initial experience with my “Career Advisor” was less than stellar, to say the least.
    First of all, she was 10-15 minutes late for our scheduled telephone call.  Is this the person that will be coaching me on the best follow-up technique?
    Second of all, her manner and method of posing/answering questions was not very polished.  If I sounded like her on the phone, it would be no wonder to me why I was not able to get a job.
    And lastly, she mentioned she is a “Certified Professional Career Coach”.  I was surprised that such a certification was even available, and asked her for the website address for the organization that awarded her this ”certification”, since I was curious and wanted to learn more about the certification.  Much to my surprise, she was unable to provide this email address and kind of fumbled around trying to guess what it might be.
    Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed so far.  Is this the best that the Signature Program has to offer?
    I hope you can provide an explanation that will restore my confidence in a program that, as I mentioned earlier, I joined largely as an act of faith which was based on your answers to my questions, your CNBC interview and your reputation in the business world.

    I look forward to your response.


  5. Not sure how you claim success without having something to compare your test program to.  For a program that is asking for people to pay almost $3000 I think you'd be more transparent to prove that the test really worked.  Also, I think a good pilot has a control group so you can see a difference between performance in the program and performance without the program. 

    I can just say that if I were on your marketing team I would have done this much differently and wouldn't advise you to publish numbers that although impressive appear to have no meat to back them up.  The message this sends to me is that my basic membership in theladders isn't worth the money I am spending.

  6. John Maynard Keynes says:

    More job seekers than jobs.

  7. Sabat70 says:

    Hey Marc,

    I love you article, posted today, about “don't ask for a job” while at a networking lunch. Very smart thinking and creative.  You are a magnificant writer. Tanya

  8. Stark Industries says:

    I worked with these folks about 4 yrs ago.  Waste of time.  Did way better on my own.  And “No.” I don't want a Resume Service to go over my resume!  (Jeez, I couldn't shake them on that one!)  Good Hunting!

  9. Andrea says:

    Hi Mark,

    I attempted to go to http://www.theladders.com/signature, but the page had an error notice. I am interested in finding out more about this program. Should I just call my Career person? I am currently signed up as a Premium Member for at least three months. Thanks!

  10. CZuc says:

    I have never had a career where I made 100K.  I started as a radio personality.  Then I worked for two years as an adviser at a university, and I have spent the past eight years as a teacher.  If people knew what good teachers really did every day, they would be falling over themselves to hire them.  Sadly, that is not the case.  I want to change careers so that I can actually make money, but so far transferable skills hasn't cut it for me.  How do I know that this program will work for me?  I can't move out of state because I'm divorced and my ex-husband and I have a daughter.  Would that count against me?

  11. mcenedella says:

    HI CZ – sounds like Signature is not going to be right for you.  Our program is appropriate for people at the $100K + level, who are looking for a position of progressive responsibility, title, or comp.



  12. Mwulfe says:

    Is this service still being offered?  I get a 404 error (the requested resource is not available) when I try to visit http://www.theladders.com/signature.

  13. Howard Spiegel says:

    Just went out there and while the site worked ok it says that the Signature Program is sold out.

  14. mcenedella says:

    Hi MW – after a technical glitch, that webpage should be up and running for all visitors with all browsers now.  Many thanks!

  15. Howard Spiegel says:

    But the program is still over subscribed so therefore sold out.

  16. Claramyny says:

    I was a Premium Member of Ladders for a little over a year with no success.  In that time I had my resume rewritten by your team and still had no success.  I read the articles and did my best to adhere to the best practices in them.  I believe my biggest downfall, even though I progressed and excelled in every job I've had, is that I do not have a degree.  Is this program right for me or is it going to be more of the same … employers not even looking at my resume because of the lack of a degree?  Regardless of the money, I really don't want to waste the time and effort if there is no realistic chance of success.

    I have contract position now with talk of full-time work but talk is talk.  Even through my contract period I have received many kudos for the work that I have done.  Unfortunately, I am not even given the opportunity to tell potential employers about any of this because of the degree roadblock.

    Your guidance would be much appreciated.


  17. TB says:

    I signed up for The Signature program last March (approximately)  My search is a difficult one b/c I am changing industries.   This program provided me with a lot of useful information and good ideas.  However, at the end of six months I did not have a job.  The Ladders extended my program, but did not tell me for how long, or offer me my money back.  I kept working with them until one day I was no longer able to sign in, my membership had run out. 
    When I inquired about getting my GUARANTEED money back b/c apparently I had now been cut off, I was told I did not follow the rules to a “T”, and it was my responsibility to ask for my money back at the end of the original six months.  Their “reasons” for saying I did not follow the rules were flimsy at best.  Trust me, I would rather have a job than my money back.
    They did offer me some more time with my advisor, but at that point it was not necessary.  They should have AT THE LEAST offered me a portion of my money back to show good faith.  Bottom line was I felt they did not act in good faith when it came to the refund.
    The point is, BEWARE.  The Ladders offer good advice, but they are still a bottom line company.  They are intersested in making money more than helping you, regardless of what they say.  I should have known better I imagine.   

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